Indoors our outdoors, you have company


Okay, being from NYC, you think I would be used to certain things like smoggy air, loud streets, bicyclists that don't follow the traffic rules, but I was not prepared for this....

I was dining with my friend one evening. It was nice out, but a little too chilly to sit outside so we took a table inside. Remember this part, we were INSIDE and NOT the front facing part of the restaurant. We were having our appetizer and sipping our wine when a small movement startled me. I said to my friend, "I think I just saw a rat". He laughed and said I was probably seeing things. Then a few minutes later I saw it again because it grazed our table and put my legs up on the seat--this time he saw it too. We alerted the waiter, who told the manager and they both could not care less. They offered to move us to another table where it was brighter and the rat would not come to that area because of the light. Boy, was he wrong. Our little friend was back and needless to say, I could not even eat my food.

I understand this is a city and that this restaurant is close to Parc Monceau, BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE FOR HAVING VERMIN INSIDE THE RESTAURANT. I cannot imagine what goes on behind the scenes if they were so blasé about having rats run around while customers dined. So, unless you are a fan of contracting some mouse borne disease, I would steer clear of this establishment.