Wild & The Moon

Wild & The Moon, Opera

Wild & The Moon, Opera


Because you miss the organic and healthy lifestyle of NY or LA


They have many locations. My faves are the original in the Marais, the one by my lash place in Opera and the one two blocks away from me at Le Tigre Rive Gauche.


Must have the Charcoal Latte, Cheese Focaccia and Banana Bread, but seriously EVERYTHING is good. For juice you MUST stock up on for your at home fridge I recommend the Coco Crush (hydrating), Hollyweed (relaxing) and Black Gold (detoxifying).


When you are looking to get back to healthy, just need a coffee break or seriously whenever. I at least go here once a day to either get a charcoal latte or a juice. It. Is. Seriously. Addicting. You can to eat it there or take it to go depending on your schedule--feels like I'm in America again :) 


Go alone or with friends. The whole staff is fluent in English and super friendly at EVERY location.