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Emily Carrello

Originally From


Current Location

Barcelona, Spain

How many countries have you lived in?



How many countries have you visited?


What brought you to your current country?

My job as a travel representative

What do you find most challenging about living in another country?

Definitely the adjustment to a new routine - or the lack of routine. Whether it be finding a new favorite coffee shop or a gym that’s close by or maybe you’re living some place where the idea of a routine is totally thrown out the window. Whatever it is, it’s tough to let go of familiarity. But if you learn to embrace the changes and make it your challenges fun, this can be the best part too.

What is your favorite part about living in Barcelona?


The culture, the beaches, and the TAPAS! Barcelona is such a vibrant city.

What is your least favorite part about living in Barcelona?

That’s a tough one.... I just wish all my favorite people in the world could be here with me. I miss my friends!

What has been your favorite country to live in and why?

I love every country I’ve lived in for different reasons. I love the diversity of Spain - especially in a place like Barcelona. There’s so many choices for everything. So many different cuisines and people and the public transportation system is great! Italy I love for its beauty - the architecture and even more so the countryside. And the USA I love for all the people there that I care about and all the modern conveniences we often take for granted.

What country would you like to live in next?

I’d love to live in Bali, Indonesia! The travel Industry is booming there and it’s definitely the place to be if you’re a backpacker, blogger, explorer, or just someone who loves beautiful mother nature! Somewhere more off the beaten path I’d love to visit would be Georgia (the country). I’m into anything involving hiking and beautiful mountains.

What fuels your wanderlust? What inspires you?


The world is full of incredible places - I want all my experiences to change and shape who I am as a person. I aspire to grow with every new place I travel, learn more about the cultures and the people, and learn more about myself in turn. It’s all part of the journey!

What advice would you give to other expats or travelers?

Don’t be afraid to take that trip. Don’t wait on anyone. Just go. People will always have an excuse for why the timing isn’t right or they don’t have enough money saved up yet - but if you wait on anyone but yourself you’ll miss golden opportunities. Solo travel is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you’ll ever have!

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