Umami Matcha Cafe

Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty


Because matcha not only has healing properties, but it is also healthier than coffee. PLUS, they have a limited time hello kitty themed menu!!!


Le Marais of course! @ 22 Rue Béranger


If you want to relive your childhood, make sure to go before August 5th and check out their collaboration with Hello Kitty. Select items on the menu are hello kitty themed and perfect to either fulfill your childhood dreams or capture insta-worthy moments. If you do make it in for this collab, definitely get the Kitty Integral which comes with Kitty tofu, Kitty Poke Bowl, a Kitty Matcha cupcake, plus a Kitty Cupcake!

If you go after the collaboration, definitely get a matcha drink--honestly, one of the best I have had in Paris. Oeuf brouille is also good as is their pastries. I also like keeping hydrated with their coconut water.


Again, make it there before August 5th! But if you don't, definitely go on a Sunday when they do a brunch menu. If they ever read this, hopefully, they open this up to Saturdays and fulfill my American dream!


Great for friends and groups. If you are going solo, may be better during weekdays as they do attract a large weekend business so may be difficult in getting seated. They do have takeaway and a little shop with food, drinks, home decor and knick knacks. Oh, and I need to mention they are EXTREMELY expat friendly and speak english. Some of them actually prefer to speak english too :)