The Artist Formerly Known as Treize: 13 au Jardin

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams


Because sometimes you just need some American Southern Comfort to counteract the Paris chill


Nestled a hop, skip and jump away from the Jardin du Luxembourg @ 5 rue de Médicis


13 au Jardin, the newly relocated southern inspired restaurant and bakery is your home away from home, my fellow expats. If you loved their old location, you will love their much expanded new digs across the street from the Jardin du Luxembourg. This cozy venue is perfect for a boozy brunch, lively lunch or just a gathering with friends. Everything on the menu is great, homemade and they use organic products for everything. AND if you love treats, they are also a bakery and you can bring some homebaked goodness home with you—the selection is what sweet dreams are made of especially if you are feeling homesick. They also have any tea you can image and a fully stocked bar with some holiday specialties…need I say more?


Anytime is great—they are open from 10am to 9pm, so if you are ever craving a taste of home they have you covered from day to night. They do not take reservations, but are honestly the mother of all brunches and the hotspot for homecooking, so totally worth the wait, which tends to be short and pleasurable.

Pro-Tip: if you are coming with a large group I suggest going with your entire group at opening of that meal service or close to the end of that meal service WITH YOUR ENTIRE GROUP. You will not be seated until your group is there, which is fair because they are always packed because they are That. Good.


Everyone is welcome. The owners and staff are so friendly. Even when it was crazy as hell last weekend, they were very cheerful and accommodating while we waited for our table and did not rush us out after we finished our meal. And if you haven’t read between the lines, everyone is welcome here and English is spoken! Fun fact: The two founders are expats hailing from Charleston, South Carolina and Örebro, Sweden.