Saturday Survival Guide: Gilets Jaunes Weekend V

Just another Saturday

Just another Saturday

Another Saturday, another Gilets Jaunes infested weekend in Paris. If you are like me, I’m pretty sure you are as over this as I am. Going to stay away from my thoughts on this whole thing, but will say one thing—at the end of the day, this is not moving anything forward or helping anyone, so hope the madness stops soon. Until it does, here’s what you need to know for the 5th Saturday Paris is mostly shut down.




Easy peasy—just avoid the red dots at ALL COSTS whether or not you are taking the metro.




Current schedule of all protests for Saturday. Check Démosphère for updates or just turn on the news. For me, I will just be checking my FB feed.


With the madness terrorizing the streets, especially in the illustrious right bank, specifically the 8th arrondissement, residents and tourists alike are having to reroute their normal plans and find alternatives to pass the time. Here are our suggestions.



Although most shops in the Champs Elysee and surrounding area will be closed, there will still be some stores open. If you are able to make it to the left bank, suggest doing that to avoid the madness that is GJ chaos. Head to some shops on the small streets or one of the bigger stores like Le Bon Marche. Best way to find out if your store is open is to go to their instagram account to see whether or not they are open, or you can go old school and ring them up. Even if the holiday markets are open, would probably save that for the weekdays, especially the one in the jardin Tuileries based on it’s proximity to Concorde and Rue Saint Honore.


The Never Failing Answer

The Never Failing Answer

Looks like the forecast calls for cold and rain, so it’s also the perfect day to spend the day indoors and bingewatching to your heart’s delight.

Here are some of our new and noteworthy reccos:

If you want to an all around feel good kind of movie with a nice ending, DUMPLIN

Feel like geeking out to some sci-fi, season 3 of TRAVELERS just came out today

Want an international teen drama, check out BABY

Looking to laugh your ass off? Check out a cheeky new French comedy series THE HOOKUP PLAN

OR if you are just craving some Christmas cheese, check out THE PRINCESS SWITCH or A CHRISTMAS PRINCE: THE ROYAL WEDDING

For American Teen Dramas, watch RIVERDALE and THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA if you want to step into the dark side (PS-If you already have watched Sabrina, a new Christmas Solstice Episode was released last night, as well as a preview for Season 2 releasing in April) OR DYNASTY if you just want something from the soap opera variety.

And if you grew up in the 90s and want some real American cheese, Season 4 of Fuller House just came out today.

Happy Bingewatching!

Throw A Party

Spread Some Holiday Cheer

Spread Some Holiday Cheer

Protests and demonstrations are basically France’s version of a NYC blizzard so why not stock up on some food, wine and other libations and invite a few of your closest friends. Disasters, even when they are manmade, are better when you are enjoying time with your loved ones and some really, really, good wine.