Wellness Wednesday: Living the Luxe Life

Living the Vida Loca

Living the Vida Loca

For our second segment, we are living the luxe life at the…

Ritz Club


Because you deserve to treat yourself like the queen you are


At the illustrious 17 Place Vendome


Anything you can possibly imagine. It is hard to find a spa that truly has EVERYTHING that I am used to from a NY spa, but the Ritz Club Paris has met my expectations. You can have a massage, a facial or skin treatment (highly recommend the signature Chanel treatment) and any other type of service you desire including hair, as they have a David Mallet Salon too. They even gave me a therapist who delivered a strong massage as requested. Normally, this would be a given, but believe me, this is beyond impossible to find in a luxe hotel property in Paris. The only other luxe hotel in Paris where I have received a strong massage was the Four Seasons and I have been to most of them, including The Peninsula.

Not only are the services amazing, so is the after spa experience. You are taken to a day bed, which was like a cocoon for me and can order drinks and food to your bed. They also have all the amenities one would expect from a 5 star luxury property including a sauna, steam room and a pool that has a bubble option. There is no stand alone hottub, but the little bubble cove in the pool does do the trick. Not going to lie, I came mainly for the pool/hot tub, as that is what a spa experience is about…it truly was a bonus that they surpassed my expectations with the amazing massage!


They are open from 6:30 am to 10pm so feel free to workout, swim or just relax by taking a nice steam or chilling in the sauna. Spa services operate from 10am to 9pm, but you can either email them or book online.


Anyone who loves living the lavish life and relaxing in style. If you are just in Paris short term and looking for a monthly or weekly spa splurge I recommend the Ritzy Plentitude so you can relax with a massage and enjoy the club privileges for the entire day. If you are looking to make Paris your home and need a health club anyway, I would opt for the yearly membership. where you can access the club everyday. Like any gym, they offer personal training, classes, etc. It’s about 7 000€, but baby, you’re worth it!