Pardon My French

Image Source: Free Pik

Image Source: Free Pik

I’d like to consider myself a lady, but a lady should always have her tricks or know how to fend off unwanted comments or try and show the French that you cannot be messed with.

So, when you are missing the “F You” of NY, here are some terms to have in your arsenal that you probably wouldn’t want your grandmother to hear and will make grown men blush.

English French

Asshole Connard

Be quiet Tais-Toi

Bitch Salope

Fuck Putain

Fuck You Va te faire foutre

Go fuck yourself Va te faire enculer

I couldn’t give a fuck J’en ai rien à cirer

I don’t care Je m’en fiche

I don’t give a shit Je m’en fou

I’m fed up J’en ai marre

I’m really fed up J’en ai ral le bol

Idiot Imbécile

Inbred Dégénére

Piss off Dégage

Shit Merde

Shut Up Ta guelle

Son of a bitch Fils de pute

That smells bad Ca pue

That stinks Ça schlingue

You’re a bastard Tu es un salaud

You’re annoying me Tu me fatigues

You’re pissing me off Tu me gonfles