Koshka Moshka

Fashion that celebrates art and sustainability

Fashion that celebrates art and sustainability


Because there is enough waste in the world


The Marais of course, @ 36 Rue de Poitou


The epitome of sustainable shopping. Koshka Mashka buys the fabric overages from Paris’ top design houses and creates individualistic garments suited to the lifestyle of the modern woman. The style is chic and elegant and their assortment has a unique vibe. You can go for something more relaxed like their plush sweaters or for something more tailored like one of their jumpsuits. No matter what you are looking for they have something that matches your inner style


Open weekdays from 2pm to the evening and on Saturdays from 11am.

Pro-Tip: Check their instagram for updates on special shopping events where they are open later.


Anyone who doesn’t want to show up in the same outfit someone else is wearing. The pieces here are unique and limited so there is less of a chance you will show up to a party with the same dress as someone else! Also, if you love buying local—all products are designed and manufactured in Paris.