Rock Your Body Right: Kiwill

Image Source: via google images

Image Source: via google images


Because spinning gets you ready to take on the world and who doesn’t love a little mood lighting during an intense workout? Not convinced? Well, your first class is free so you have nothing to lose but a few kilos.


A few steps away from Place de la Republique @ 27 Rue du Grand Prieuré


An invigorating class that lasts about 45 or 60 minutes depending on course. Expect a lot of cardio in the form of cycling, ab work in the form of on-bike lunges and arm and back work through push ups and weighlifting while on the bike


Open 7 days a week with classes throughout the day. OUR FAVE: Sunday’s English speaking class.


Anyone who wants to get their groove on and cycle to some sick beats. Mix of women and men and EXPATS! Did I mention there was an english speaking class? Ornelia is a great instructor and keeps you motivated through the entire session—it doesn’t even feel like you’ve been doing a celebrity grade workout for an hour until you try to move the next day of course…But believe me, it is so worth it.