Cocktail Culture: Hemingway Bar

Objects may start to appear blurry

Objects may start to appear blurry


Because not every rose has it’s thorn


Nestled in a cozy corner of the luxurious Ritz Hotel @ 15 Place Vendôme


Be transported back to a place with a 1920s prohibition era type feel. The cocktail craftmanship here is on point and the concoctions will delight all your senses. If you are a martini afficionado like myself, you are really in for a treat. I prefer the classics and you cannot go wrong with The Clean Dirty Martini, which is heralded as “the best dirty martini in the world”, and after having it, I completely agree. My other go-to is the Rivkin Martini, which is basically the martini I always order wherever I go, but they seem to make it 1,000 times better here…and it’s not just because of the rose they give you with every drink. If you are one of the chosen ones, they will give you a special treat that comes in the form of ice cream and chocolate deliciousness. Gluttony never felt so good.


Anytime after 6pm. I personally prefer the school nights like Wednesday or Thursday so you avoid the tourist crowd that seems to pack the bar during the weekends.


Great for a girls’ night, drinks with a colleague, nightcap or even if you are flying solo. The Bartenders are super friendly and speak English. I even know a girl who once got a proposal during her visit to this exclusive bar.