Wined Up So You Can Wind Down: Chai Parisien

Wine Cave Success

Wine Cave Success


Because life is ALWAYS better in a wine cave


In the trendy and happening area of the 9th arrondisement @ 6 Rue de Rochechouart


This newly opened wine bar in the trendy 9th is sure to become a hotspot (feels like it is already) so make sure to go soon. They offer a huge selection of wines by the bottle and the glass (but why have a glass when you can have a bottle or two or four?) and an amazing selection of savory treats. Our favorite and MUST order if you go—the Mont D’or. For my Anglophiles, it is pure melted cheese amazingness—think of it as fondue without a pot. The wine is amazing and the best part is if you love it, you can buy a bottle or a few to take home!

And for those who want to learn more about wine, tasting courses are offered as well. It’s like I’m back in NY :)


Go for apero, dinner or after dinner. IMHO, there is no bad time to go to a wine bar, but they are only open from 6pm on, so sorry fellow Americans, no day drinking here!


Great for groups, social gatherings, celebrations or just a girls’ night. If you decide to go solo, sit at the main bar and chat with the friendly staff or fellow patrons. The scene is lively and sophisticated, which is a nice change of pace from other wine bars we have been to in Paris. If you want something more intimate, you also have the option to drink and dine in the wine cave. The minimum spend for your entire group in the cave is 300€, which is a steal, since it’s basically less than dinner for two in NYC!