Bonnes Addresses Paris: Where to Go and Where to Avoid


It’s a new year, so let’s kick bad habits and only spend our money where it deserves to be spent! So here’s our curated list of places you should indulge and places you should avoid.


Secret Lash Club

Be Transformed

Be Transformed


Because you will be treated like a queen and leave looking like a goddess.

Yessika is talented, professional and has the most amazing bedside manner. You feel transported to a serene location and you forget about the outside world. Her service is on par with those of NY salons and her work is impeccable. She has an array of different types of lashes and can customize any look you want.

Lashed By Fumika

Be Disappointed

Be Disappointed


The service and quality at this establishment has earned it’s place on our 2019 places to avoid. I used to go to Fumika for my lash extensions until one fateful day this summer. I had a lash appointment on one of the hottest days of the summer. For those of you who are familiar with Paris summers, they are hot and there is no AC. I asked her if it was possible to reschedule for another day that week. She sent a long email saying that heat was not an excuse to move an appointment and if I refused to come would be charge a cancellation fee. Long story short, I kept my appointment. In less than 12 hours, 1/3 of my lashes had fallen out and I sent her an email. She never responded.

Don’t get me wrong, I get that we all have bad days., but this was just bad customer service. And I think it is important to note that I was a loyal and repeat customer for over a year—i even recommended some of my friends there. To be honest, I went there because it was the first place I found when I arrived her. Now that I have been able to do my research, I can honestly say—Ladies, your money will be much more well spent elsewhere.