Américain Pig celebrates living the French lifestyle the American way. It is the perfect synergy of sophistication and spirit—or in my opinion, the ultimate joie de vivre.


Américain Pig, here. Think of me as your guide to French living the American way. By that I mean, embracing our freedom to break the status quo. Here you'll find Where to go and Where not to goLifestyle Hacks Travel Goals and Expat FAQs through the eyes of someone living and breathing it. So, if you are looking for tourists traps, you are so not in the right place.

So a little bit about me…I relocated to Paris a little over a year ago to find better life balance and it has been an unbelievable experience. I have learned a lot about myself and have a greater appreciation for European culture and a more balanced way of life. Saying that, living here has also made me appreciate my culture a little more and understand why people around the world strive for the American Dream. The American Spirit is truly something that does not exist anywhere in the world, or at least the places I have visited so far.

The New York energy and American Spirit is what I miss the most about living in another country, especially France where there are so many “rules” (for expats already living here, you get it; for newbies, you will see). As a girl who was born and raised in New York and spent most of my adult life and career there, I'm not someone who conforms to all of societies niceties or accepts the status quo. I did try to adjust to the “French way” for a bit and in reality it was making me feel like I was losing a part of myself, which made me a little unhappy until the realization came to me that I DIDN'T HAVE TO.  Just because they have “THEIR WAY” of doing things, doesn’t mean it has to be “MY WAY”. This shift in thinking has ultimately made me happier and I enjoy living in Paris much more.

Before rolling your eyes and getting up in arms thinking, "Well don't freaking live there and go back home, you entitled American!", I’m not looking to destroy French culture—just adapt it to my personality and my way of living. I’ve always been a rule breaker and life is all about breaking the rules.  In my experience, it is more enjoyable that way too.

So, let me be your eyes, ears and private concierge into Parisian Culture, with a touch of sophistication mixed with a touch of crass. It’s time to stop apologizing for who we are and embracing what makes us different and one of the countries many people strive to come to. I look to provide a safe haven where you can experience French culture while preserving and celebrating your own culture.

To all the rule-breakers, internationally minded and open individuals, whether you are an expat, visitor or french born who is tired of the “French Way”, Welcome Home.


Some content will be unapologetic, unfiltered and controversial.